Reading, Writing and Public Speaking Program in Toronto

Reading, Writing and Public Speaking Program in Toronto

Reading, Writing and Public Speaking Program in TorontoThere is new program being launched this year in Toronto’s West End.  Write on Q – a widely successful program previously only in Mississauga is now available for students in the Bloor West and the Kingsway.

What is Write on Q?

 Write on Q is an enrichment education program for motivated and high-performing students in grades three to seven. We believe the future success of every student depends on three C’s: confidence, communication skills, and critical thinking. Knowing the answer is simply not enough. A student must be able to clearly communicate their ideas, and how they arrived at their answer.

Our classes are taught by professional teachers and focus on effective reading, writing, critical thinking, and public speaking skills. Each week, students will receive 60-90 minutes of homework to reinforce what they learned in class. Depending on the level of their class, homework will consist of vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing, and public speaking work.

Regardless of the path your child will choose, strong communication skills and confidence will help them throughout their education and later in their professional careers. Developing these skills early will make their journey easier.

Reading, Writing and Public Speaking – all in one Place!


Our Reading Strategies Curriculum

We teach students that reading is a thinking process that requires many different strategies to be effective. Reading is the foundation of all learning. Developing strong comprehension skills will set the foundation for success in all subjects and is crucial to effective writing and overall communication skills. We also focus on developing fluency, effective grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and introductory paragraph writing skills. 


Our Writing Curriculum

Students will learn that writing is a process, which requires: gathering ideas, organizing, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. To achieve success in writing, students must complete each of these steps and not rush to write a composition in one sitting or jump straight to their final version. We practice the steps repeatedly and we apply unique strategies to foster ownership of every step of their writing. We develop good habits and build life-long skills.

This in this class, students learn to critically read research material, take concise notes, and prepare an outline for their work. We focus on the building blocks for any good writing.   This involves developing an understanding of structure of focus for writing, as well as vocabulary to develop both comprehension and precision when expressing their own thoughts and ideas.


Our Public Speaking Curriculum

Each class also incorporates public speaking.  We teach students to do better than memorizing a speech that they’ve written. Students need to develop the confidence to speak knowledgeably, ensuring they don’t miss key information. We improve their eye contact, expression, clarity, and composure.  These skills contribute to their poise and self-esteem.


Reading, Writing and Public Speaking in Toronto – find out more information 

The Assessment

All prospective students must complete a complimentary reading and writing assessment to determine their appropriate class level.  All of our classes are multi-grade classes.  We know that each child is unique, and we will teach them at their correct learning level. 

Classes in Toronto for the 2019-2020 school year are held at the Swansea Town Hall and the Royal York United Church.  Please call (437) 984-1090 or email to request more information or to set up an assessment. We look forward to getting to know your child.

Thanks for reading Reading, Writing and Public Speaking Program in Toronto, for more information on building your public speaking skills, feel free to contact us.

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