Why Learn Cursive Writing?

In today’s digital age, some parents mistakenly believe handwriting is no longer important. However, many researchers believe cursive writing is important for learning and cognitive development. There is a significant difference in the effect on the brain...

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Why attend a novel study summer camp?

Summer camp is a unique opportunity to develop your child’s social and interpersonal skills while building their confidence and enhancing academic development. Because students normally attend the same school for many years, they tend to interact with the same peer...

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Creative Writing Courses Mississauga

Creative Writing Courses Mississauga Are you looking for some extra writing help for your son or daughter in the Mississauga area? For creative writing courses in Mississauga, an exceptional choice is Write on Q. Open to elementary and secondary school...

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Before and After School Programs Mississauga

Before and After School Programs Mississauga If you are looking for before and after school programs in the Mississauga area, then Write on Q offers an excellent solution. Write on Q Language Program Write on Q offers an English language program that is...

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After School Program Mississauga

After School Program Mississauga Write on Q offers an exceptional after school program in the Mississauga area, for students in elementary and secondary school. The program is open to students from grade three to grade ten, although the majority of...

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