Post Secondary Preparation / High School Writing Programs (Grade 9-12)
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Post secondary Preparation / High School Writing Programs 

Level E1 & E2 (grades 9-12)

The High School Essay Writing and Literary Analysis program consists of two levels, E1 and E2. Both levels are enrichment programs for motivated and high-performing high school students from grades 9 – 12 who are university bound. Specifically, the E1 and E2 programs focus on writing the formal long paragraph and essay responses required by the Ontario English high school curriculum, and they emphasize the quality and the process of writing. Students will be taught decoding strategies in literature to enhance their critical thinking and reading comprehension, moving them from the mere recall of facts to a higher level thinking when applying their skills in school to a variety of texts such as poems, Shakespeare plays, and other works of literature.

They will learn to make connections between themes, understand how literary devices are used, and identify the subtle and deeper messages authors convey through their works. As well, students will learn a writing process that enables them to organize their ideas into smooth and logical essays formed with well-structured introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs.

Students must complete 60-90 minutes of homework each week to reinforce classroom learning.  Homework will include decoding, reading, vocabulary development, and writing assignments. Timely completion of homework is key to reinforce the concepts taught in class.

Dr. Nazira Mawji


Both levels are taught by Dr. Nazira Mawji and/or by qualified English teachers trained by her. Her qualifications include a B.A. (Hon.) English; a Certificate in Education, University of Manchester, England; M. Ed. and Ph. D. (Education), University of Toronto.

In addition, Dr. Mawji has taught English for over three decades, starting as a teacher of ‘O’ and ‘A’ level English in England and then for over 25 years with the Durham Board ranging from high school English teacher, board consultant (curriculum development & training teachers), department head of English, to vice-principal.

Dr. Mawji volunteers her time to edit papers for University of Toronto post-graduate students.



E1 Highlights:


E1 Highlights:

  • analyze short literary texts using effective reading-comprehension/de-coding strategies
  • make connections between themes in the texts and personal knowledge to draw and support logical observations
  • reinforce the process of writing a long literary paragraph response
  • learn to generate ideas, plan, write, and edit drafts to create a final polished product
  • compile and use an expanding vocabulary to strengthen fluency in writing
  • enhancing team-building and interpersonal skills through group work and peer editing
  • this level is primarily for grade 10-11 students.




E2 Highlights:

E2 Highlights:

  • train students through decoding strategies to look beyond the surface meaning
  • hone the students’ critical thinking and creative skills
  • focus their response on the intended audience(s) and purpose
  • generate and order ideas and select strong supporting evidence from the text to formulate a solid thesis argument
  • compile and use wide-ranging vocabulary and explicit diction
  • develop interpersonal and metacognition skills through structured group work, peer-editing, and study pairs
  • this level is primarily for grades 11-12 students; some grade 10 students may qualify


What Parents are Saying

I took both of Dr. Mawji’s high school English expository/literary paragraph and essay-writing programs between 2018 and 2019. These courses helped me immensely with the structure of writing, and with composing the main thesis argument supported by strong strong examples. I learned how to examine literature works in- depth, use effective sentences, vocabulary and grammar, and how to focus my writing for maximum effect. The difference in my high school work before and after I took these programs speaks volumes. Both the programs have shaped my writing skills for high school and given me confidence for the coming university years. Dr. Mawji, you are an exceptional teacher with valuable programs, and I was fortunate to attend your sessions! Salim Mithwani

(Former student)

I attended Dr. Mawji’s high school Writing Program in 2019. I found Dr. Mawji to be a really exceptional teacher. Her lessons motivated me to follow a writing process that was clear and effective for writing paragraphs and essays. I saw my writing improve through the use of closely monitored self, peer and teacher editing methods. Also my writing improved through specific lessons on vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and style as we went through the editing process. Dr. Mawji’s use of different and appealing methods and resources to teach us made me remember what I was learning. I had lots of time to practise what I was learning week after week although we learned many new concepts and literary terms. Directly after the course, I had an English exam at school that involved writing an essay. I believe I did well because I got the chance to use what I had learned in Dr. Mawji’s essay writing program. Overall, Dr. Mawji’s high school essay writing program was of tremendous benefit to my academic development. I know I shall be using her lessons throughout high school and even after that. I would highly recommend this program to anyone hoping to enhance their paragraph and essay writing skills.


Amyn Jiwani

(Grade 11 student)

Dr. Mawji is a very patient teacher with many years of experience and has a clear and organized approach of teaching. My daughter learned a lot in the supportive environment in her class. Not only did my daughter learn the strategies to write good essays, she also gained organization and time management skills and established good study habits. She was also able to improve her literary analysis skills. She truly loves going to her class every week! I highly recommend Write On Q’s programs.

Shirley Pang

(mother of a Write on Q grade 9 & 10 student)

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