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Write on Q is an after-school enrichment education program for elementary and secondary students. We offer English classes to improve reading comprehension, writing, public speaking, and critical thinking skills.

Our curriculum exceeds the standards set by the Ontario language arts curriculum while developing life-long learning skills for success. In today’s education environment, knowing an answer is simply not enough. Students must be able to clearly articulate their knowledge, and how they arrived at their solutions in all subjects.

Our Goal

To maximize the potential of your children by improving their English writing, reading comprehension, and public speaking skills. We will develop their confidence, communication skills, and their critical thinking skills to enable them to adapt and excel in a constantly changing world.

Why Choose Write on Q?

  • We offer a unique and proven curriculum.
  • We have had thousands of successful graduates over the years. Our testimonials and Google Reviews speak for themselves.
  • Our passionate and qualified teachers will bring out the best in your children.
  • Our students are grouped at their current skill level, not their grade level. We will teach your children at their correct learning ability.
  • The world is competitive. We build skills to prepare your child for life-long success.
  • We offer flexibility with many classes and days to choose from.

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What We Teach

Reading Comprehension

Reading well is critical to learning. In today’s fast-paced world, many students only skim the surface of what they read. Mastering advanced reading comprehension techniques will enable your child to read deeply to improve his or her understanding of ideas beyond what is directly on the page they are reading.

Writing Skills

To demonstrate their knowledge effectively, students must be able to organize their thoughts well and choose the best words to communicate their ideas.  When used appropriately, words can be an extremely powerful tool, and strong writing skills will give a student the ability to excel in all areas.

Public Speaking

Communication is the foundation of our society. It allows us to connect with others, persuade their thinking, and influence outcomes. Public speaking is the most feared form of communication. But those who master it have an advantage in the classroom, daily interactions, and later in their professional careers.


 As a public school teacher, I understand the challenges of teaching a classroom of diverse learners writing skills beyond that of the “hamburger paragraph”. There are gaps in education where students do not learn the basic structures of writing. The result is students find writing a painful process, with poor outcomes and a stunted development of expression. Write on Q fixes this! Among other things, the program involves both the writing and editing processes and students receive meaningful FEEDBACK that guides their learning. Understanding the structure of how to write gives students the ability to develop their own style and voice, facilitates critical thinking but more importantly allows students to express themselves with accuracy and precision.

Shemin Jaffer IB Teacher (mother of Sofia and Serena, Write on Q grades 4-7, 3-6)

Write on Q has helped me in so many ways! For me, just bringing my writing folder to school to create full essays, it has made a big impact on my writing knowledge. Every class I learn something new; each time something different and interesting. The homework is very constructive as well, every lesson is building on the previous one… expanding my knowledge. Write on Q has several components such as vocabulary, essay and/or paragraph writing, and public speaking. Each of the elements has developed my writing skills and presentation skills.

In addition, it not only sets me up for everyday life but for the future too. The teachers are so helpful and they help me understand everything. Every single teacher is unique and experienced, but they all work together to ensure everything is understood; and that you’re progressing greatly.

Emma Tutoveanu (Student, Write on Q grades 4, 5 and 6)

Our son, now in grade 7, completed the two-year Write on Q program in grades 4 and 5. Years later, he continues to benefit from the skills he learned in this program and its uniquely developed curriculum taught by passionate teachers. By nature, our son is quiet and shy and does not like to draw attention to himself. He is also a “reluctant writer”. However, after participating in Write on Q we have noticed considerable improvement in his ability to write and deliver oral presentations. For example, last year he surprised himself (and his parents) when he moved on to be a finalist in his Middle School speech contest. While admittedly, he still does not “enjoy” written assignments or speaking in front of a group, our son credits the skills he learned in Write on Q to help him write and speak more confidently. Thank you Write on Q! We will soon be enrolling his younger sister.

Mrs. & Dr. Yim  (parents of A.J, Write on Q grades 4-5)

I have two children in the program, grade 4 and 6 respectively. Level one, this past year has been a huge success, With the added bonus that both children thoroughly enjoyed the curriculum. We saw a huge improvement in both writing and communication skills. Their public speaking skills have soared along with their vocabulary. The intensity of homework given, was fair and did not dominate their other priorities. The teachers were flexible and accommodating. I was quite impressed with the director Fatima. Her dedication, passion and knowledge was exemplary and obvious. Her personal touch towards all her students goes above and beyond. We look forward to this September and the level 2 program. I highly recommend Write on Q!

Salima  (mother)

“I started Write on Q in Grade 7, and finished at the end of Grade 8.

I can state that it is a great program, because I was the only one who won the English award at my school for the entire grade (150 students) based on my research, writing and presentation skills. Thanks, Write on Q! At first, I wasn’t sure why my mom enrolled me in this program, but I soon realized that we are learning how to read, synthesize, improve our vocabulary, write an essay, present in front of my peers, learn poetry and classical literature. I was impressed, and although I did find it challenging at times, I was pleased with myself that I was accomplishing so much. More importantly, we were learning to write effectively and practice our presentation skills, and I saw that we were not learning this enough in school, so I became very proficient at writing and presenting. Now in Grade 9, I get great marks in English. I am confident when it comes to doing research, writing, and presenting in class. Some of my classmates are very nervous because they are not prepared, and stress every time there is a paper or report to write. I look to help them because this is not a good feeling to have and now realize that my mom was right by enrolling me. I am also thankful for having attended WOQ for two years. This year I am a WOQ Volunteer Tutor, helping a new set of students who will become skilled and passionate about writing.”

Elena Pampaloni

This is a great program that helps kids organize ideas in logical structure in both writing and oral presentation. The writing skills taught in this program are much more advanced than similar topics covered by public or private schools based on our experience. These skills brought significant value to my son’s learning at school and contributed to his enrollment into the mid year IB program.

Sophia Yu



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