Elementary Reading and Writing Programs (grades 3-9)

We recognize that not all children are the same, so we group students according to their ability, not their grade level. That is why there is an overlap between our classes.

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Level A1 (grades 3-5), Level A2 (grades 4-6)

Reading is the foundation of all learning.

Reading comprehension is the ability to read, understand, process, and recall what was read. Strong reading comprehension skills are crucial to learning in all subjects. Good readers use a set of strategies to gain a deeper understanding of what they read. In our reading curriculum, we teach students to:

  • monitor their understanding
  • ask clarifying questions
  • activate prior knowledge
  • look for context clues and consider text features
  • visualize what they read
  • summarize main ideas only
  • infer and predict

In addition, Level A1 and A2 students will also learn key grammar and punctuation concepts to develop their sentence structure and preliminary writing skills, enhance their vocabulary, improve fluency, and learn basic presentation skills.

Introductory Writing & Public Speaking Skills  

Level B1 (grades 5-6), Level C1 (grades 6-7), Level D1 (grades 7-8)

We use a unique approach to teaching writing skills. Unlike other programs, our students do not start with graphic organizers or a writing prompt on a blank page.

With our methodology, students will read critically and learn how to take effective notes, selecting important facts, and capturing them in a brief outline. Once students have drafted their rough work, we show them how to revise their rough drafts and edit their work in partners. This is a key step to improving their writing results and enhancing their interpersonal skills.

Our students will work with non-fiction and fiction material writing information paragraphs and creative writing compositions. In addition, through weekly vocabulary exercises, students will build a rich repertoire of words, improving their ability to choose the best words to express their ideas.

Finally, to develop their confidence and public speaking skills, students will learn to deliver short presentations with confidence, poise, and good articulation.

Essay Writing & Public Speaking Skills  

Level B2 (grades 6-7), level C2 (grades 7-8), Level D2 (grade 8-9)

Writing essays develops critical thinking skills, which enables students to solve problems effectively and make sound decisions throughout their life.  Our students will gather research, analyze the information collected, develop an opinion to make an argument and finally present their conclusion to convince their reader.

We have several essay writing classes to advance the skills of writers at various levels.  All of our classes offer a variety of different essay styles such as expository, persuasive, compare and contrast, personal narratives, etc.  Students will work through each step of the writing process (research, outlines, drafting, revising & editing and publishing) in detail.

In addition, our students will continue to improve their vocabulary and public speaking skills, presenting speeches of longer length and complexity.



What Parents are Saying

Write On Q is one of the best language programs out there. It has helped my daughter progress greatly. With the help of Write On Q my daughter is one of the 150 children in Peel that made the IBT program. This is partly because of the great team and awesome curriculum of Write on Q. We recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more, expand their language skills, public speaking.
Denisa Tutoveanu

(mother of Emma, grades 6)

Write on Q is an excellent program. My daughter (currently in Grade 6) has completed two years of the program and it has helped with her writing and her public speaking skills. She excels in Language Arts at school and this program has helped her do that. She is more confident in preparing and organizing her written output and identifying the most important information she wants to relay, whether verbally or through expressive writing. I highly recommend this program.
Dr. Parveen Sandhu

(mother of Arya, Write on Q grades 5 and 6)

Words can’t express how much you helped our son David to improve his English! Last year, he won to go to Nationals for a science fair. He told me when I asked him what do you think helped you? He said, mom the fact that I went to Write on Q, helped me a lot. I learned the best Public Speaking strategies for me! At school, he went from a B student in English to an A student! As a parent, I saw a big progress from the beginning until the end of the program! Thanks, Fatima so much, will continue to recommend your program to everyone!
Mihaela Vidican

(mother of David, Write on Q grades 7 and 8)