Write on Q Students NEVER Memorize Their Speeches

It is much better to talk to your audience knowledgeable than to recite a memorized speech. Write on Q students use brief outlines with key points to deliver their speeches.


  • memorized speeches sound mechanical and unnatural
  • it is far more natural to “talk” than to recite
  • there is a greater chance of forgetting your lines and missing key points
  • it is easier to gauge the reaction of your audience and repeat certain points if necessary


Our students are taught to only memorize their first few lines and their last couple of lines. Starting a speech is the hardest part, so knowing introductory words well gives you a boost of confidence. Beyond that, there is nothing wrong with looking at brief notes to keep your delivery on track. PowerPoint presentations with one or two points per slide can also be used in place of speaking notes.

Ending your speech powerfully so your audience remembers your key message after they leave is also fundamental to an effective speech. A speech needs to be prepared well and the delivery practiced often.

Additionally, knowing how to take effective notes is essential to being a successful speaker and student. One of the first things we teach Write on Q students is how to note-take correctly. This is a crucial skill for studying, researching, and generating great speeches.


Do not confuse memorization with rehearsal. All good speeches need to be rehearsed thoroughly. But, it does not matter if certain points are said in a slightly different manner each time. Knowing how you will start, and how to end your speech well are crucial.

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