After School Program Mississauga

Write on Q offers an exceptional after school program in the Mississauga area, for students in elementary and secondary school. The program is open to students from grade three to grade ten, although the majority of students fall in the grade 4 – 9 age range.

The focus of this after school program is on language and effective communication. Being able to communicate in a clear and concise manner is an invaluable skill for basically any profession. Whether it be written or spoken material, both are crucial for communication success.

One potential problem with the Ontario public school curriculum is that there is too much material packed into each learning module. This can result in teachers moving onto the next topic or lesson, before all the students in the class have had a chance to truly grasp the last one.

Regrettably, communication skills tend to suffer heavily due to lack of attention. Not only is there not enough time given to writing and speaking skills in the first place, but there is also not enough recognition given to the fact that all students learn in different ways.

One after school program that addresses these concerns, and focuses on individual learning and improving communication skills, can be found at Write on Q.

Write on Q After School Program Mississauga

The after school program offered at Write on Q targets writing skills as well as public speaking. It is designed to build on the Ontario public school curriculum, by supporting students in problematic areas, and enhancing the focus on writing and speaking.

Students will take a more involved approach to speaking and writing, working together to hone their skills and produce better results.

Benefits of the After School Program at Write on Q

There are numerous advantages to be gained by students taking the after school program at Write on Q in Mississauga.

Some of these benefits are:

  • Students will learn an innovative approach
  • Students will learn how to organize and summarize
  • Good teacher to student ratio
  • Ongoing feedback
  • Improved confidence

Innovative Approach

Writing classes at Write on Q adopt an innovative approach when it comes to getting started with a piece of writing.

Students will start with a reading comprehension task. They will be asked to read through an article, taking notes and picking out the important points to create a summary. This process helps to develop critical thinking and organizational skills.

Organizing and Summarizing

These are two essential skills for an effective writer to develop. The teachers at Write on Q will help students become comfortable with creating an effective plan before starting to write.

Teacher to Student Ratio

Students will get the attention they need to succeed. All classes will be delivered in a traditional classroom setting with two teachers placed in every classroom. Two teachers, combined with small class sizes, ensures no student will be neglected or overlooked.

Ongoing Feedback

Students will get plenty of feedback at each stage of the writing process to help them stay on track, and address any questions or concerns along the way.

Improved Confidence

The public speaking portion of the program will help build confidence and make each student more comfortable speaking in front of a group.

After School Program Mississauga

If you have any questions, or would like more information about the after school program, please contact the office.


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