Reading Comprehension Strategies

Reading comprehension strategies – Reading comprehension is the ability to read a text and understand its meaning. The objective of the reader is to comprehend the author’s message.

Research suggests that that there are several ways to improve a student’s comprehension level:

1.  Teach word knowledge – encourage students to build their knowledge of the world in order to make connections with prior knowledge

2.  Teach vocabulary – the more words a student knows, the easier it is to derive meaning from a text

3.  Teach decoding skills – a student must first know how to read a word, by putting the letters and sounds together before deriving meaning from the words

4.  Active Comprehension strategies – teach students a variety of strategies including:

·    prediction

·    inference

·    questioning

·    visualizing

·    summarizing

·    sequencing

·    main ideas

5.  Monitoring – Encourage students to monitor their own understanding as they read; do they know when they are not able to follow a text?

Reading Comprehension Strategies

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